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IP Visuals Photography Filming and Drone is a premier photography portfolio that specialises in creating captivating visuals that convey your unique story. Our team of skilled photographers, filmmakers, and drone pilots are committed to delivering exceptional quality work that exceeds your expectations.

Whether it's a conference or an Awards ceremony, we possess the expertise to bring your vision to life. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you capture your special moments with unparalleled artistry and professionalism.

With extensive experience under the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, I have contributed as a crew member, specialising in drone filmography for the television and film industry, local advertising campaigns, and delivering high-resolution aerial imagery for surveying, real estate ventures, and individual clients alike. In response to the unique challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, I was commissioned to provide filming services for the education sector, an endeavour that has since expanded significantly into corporate and event domains through my established network.


Presently, my services encompass multi-camera filming, conducting interviews, and accompanying photography. I meticulously edit all footage to meet clients' specifications, integrating soundtracks and graphics seamlessly. Throughout my 19-year tenure, I have navigated various challenges including parenting responsibilities, economic downturns, and the ongoing global pandemic, yet my business remains resilient.

Whether as a solo operator or by assembling a proficient team for larger projects, I leverage my extensive network spanning production assistants, sound and lighting technicians, television camera crews, and photographers.My clientele boasts a diverse array of both prominent entities such as Honda, Castrol, Nationwide, Heineken, and Salesforce, as well as small-scale businesses and individuals whom I am honoured to serve. Operating under the brand name IPVisuals, I undertake a wide spectrum of projects, reflecting the versatility of my expertise.I am committed to maintaining competitive pricing, swift project turnarounds, and unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction. I invite you to consider me for your forthcoming projects, irrespective of scale, and encourage you to reach out to explore how I may contribute to your endeavours.

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